Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is located in Kruununhaka in, Helsinki, Finland.


Aldeyjarfoss is a gorgeous waterfall in North Iceland

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka.

Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is a natural harbour on Wiencke Island, in Antarctic Peninsula. This is my first viewcard from Antarctica.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains

This gorgeous card shows us the sunrise in the 'elbsandsteingebirge', or Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Thon Basquaise

Thon Basquaise, or Basque Tuna, is a dish comprised of tuna steak, vegetables and spices.


The card shows a spectacular view of lightning, in Yakumo, in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Penny Bridge

This is a Postallove card, of the Penny Bridge, Opole, Poland.

Berlin-Lichtenberg Station

The card shows a nightview of Berlin-Lichtenberg, a railway station in Berlin, Germany.

Hokkaido: Odori Park

Released in July 2016
Odori Park is a very popular park in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Tokushima: Bizan

Released in July 2016
Mount Bizan is a symbol of Tokushima City. Its name has the kanji alphabets for 'eyebrow' due to its shape.


Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

World Heritage Set: Meiji Japan's Industrial Revolution Heritage and architectural works of Le Corbusier

1. The National Museum of Western Art 2. Nirayama reflection furnace 3. Hashima coal mines 4. Miike coal mine Miyahara 5. old Kagoshima spinning plant engineer Museum 6. Matsushita Sonjuku

"Kyoto of the Four Seasons" Spring & Summer Edition

1. Tango Railway Kyoto - Amanohashidate 2. Kyoto Tango railway - Yuragawa bridges 3. Sagano Scenic Railway - Cherry tunnels 4. Sagano Scenic Railway - Hozu 5. Sagano Scenic Railway - Truck Saga Station 6. Kyoto Tango railway - With phlox

Japan's Journey Second Edition B Set

1. Echizen Railway - dinosaurs and Katsuyama Station (Fukui Prefecture) 2. Noto Railway - Sakura and Noto-Kashima Station (Ishikawa Prefecture) 3. Ihara Railway - Ihara Station (Okayama Prefecture) 4. Kominato Tetsumichi - Nanohana (Chiba Prefecture) 5. Hokuetsu Express - Hakkaisan (Niigata Prefecture) 6. Noto Railway - cherry blossoms and the West Bank Station (Ishikawa Prefecture)

Japan's Journey Second Edition A Set

1. Nishiki River Railway - Nishiki River and carp streamer (Yamaguchi Prefecture) 2. Yamagata Railway - Asahi mountain range and cherry trees (Yamagata Prefecture) 3. Shigaraki Kōgen Railway - Shigaraki Station and the Shigaraki (Shiga Prefecture) 4. Hakodate Streetcar (Hakodate Transportation Bureau) - Yahata Hill (Hokkaido) 5. Manyosen - Tateyama mountain range (Toyama Prefecture) 6. Hakodate streetcar (Hakodate Transportation Bureau) - (Hokkaido)

Tuesday, 6 February 2018